Uncovering Uzbekistan | 1 Week of Travel in 4 Minutes

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We’ll be honest with you when the opportunity first came up to visit Uzbekistan, we had to google it… We had no idea what to expect. Within the first day of being there, it exceeded our expectations and every single day from there just kept getting better and better!

We went to Uzbekistan to uncover a new destination, and in that process, we uncovered something in ourselves. Many people advised it may be dangerous, to be careful, some said: “why would you go there?!” We let our curiosities guide us and decided why would you not go! It's this sense of adventure that often leads to the best places. We truly found a pocket of glow on the other side of the world and it led to incredible experiences and life-changing connections.

A massive group of creatives came together from many stretches of the globe for the first-ever World Influencers Congress. We had a lot to cover in 7 days, so we had to make the most of it… Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand. Planes, trains, metros and more. We even met the president! It was a jam-packed week but one of the best of our lives!

The entire World Influencers Congress team https://www.instagram.com/worldinfluencerscongress/
#visituzbekistan #wicuzbekistan

The country of Uzbekistan and all the wonderful people who welcomed us with open arms.

Everyone we connected with, much love, you all made the memories special. See you again someday soon ;)


Written & Edited by Kenzo Kiren
Music - Love You More (Marius Hoersturz Remix) by Ben Esser


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